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Basketball programs in the Yampa Valley are available for all ages: Recreational, Competitive, and Adult.

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970 Hoops

970 Hoops is a PARTNERSHIP with Coach Vandahl and is included in the cost of all competitve programs. New to HAB this year, we are excited to work with Coach Vandahl on a more consistent basis. 970 Hoops focuses on individual skill development, club/organization/school partnerships with 970 Hoops coaching, basketball camps, and creation of basketball events across the Western Slope of Colorado.

"Through the 970 Hoops Club Partnership program, I plan to offer my coaching knowledge and connections to High Altitude Basketball's Competitive Program participants and coaches.

I am thrilled to be partnering with High Altitude Basketball to continue advancing the game of basketball in the Yampa Valley." Coach Vandahl

Through the 970 Elite Club Team Partnership program, competitive club basketball program(s) can benefit from the basketball knowledge of 970 Elite coaching and guidance. 970 Hoops aims to support the growth and development of youth basketball across the western slope of Colorado.

Skill Development Practice Session

Each competitive team will receive one 970 Elite skill development practice, run by 970 Elite coaches, per week throughout the duration of the season. The practice will be on a week night and will last two hours. A two month season would consist of eight practice sessions.

The development of basketball skills is essential for developing elite basketball players.

Practice sessions will focus primarily on the following areas:

  • Shooting
  • Passing
  • Dribbling
  • Live ball moves (perimeter and post)
  • Live game situational breakdown (perimeter and post)
    • Pick and Roll, draw and kick, post to perimeter, etc.
  • Defensive Principles

Team coaches can guide the 970 Elite Coaches on what skills and areas of development they would like to see focused on based on the teams overall strengths and weaknesses.

Pre-Season Skills Combine

970 Elite will host a pre-season combine event for the boys and girls team(s).

Combine events are designed to take all players through dynamic skill work. They will be modeled after camps in a condensed version, essentially a "mini camp." The combine event will offer an introduction to the skill development that will be focused on throughout the season. All boys teams in their current season will attend the combine event together. All girls teams in their current season will attend the combine event together.

Each combine event will last two to three hours.

Strength/Speed Training

Competitive team participants get one Strength/Speed Training (Pio Utu) Session per week during the season.

Time/Length: One to One and a half hours

X's and O's Guidance for Club Team Coaches

970 Elite coaches will be available to offer guidance on any "X's and O's" questions Club Team coaches have.

For example, if a team coach has a question on zone offensive principles a 970 Elite coach will offer guidance.

Team Culture/Mentality Training

Mentality Training

- Each team gets one "Mentality Training" Session During the Season

- Team Goal, Mission, Vision, Principles Session

- Individual Goal Setting and Training

970 Elite believes in developing well rounded players on and off the court. The mental side of the game is as important, if not more important, than the physical.

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